Fun and productive day

Slept in till 11:30 AM. Although I woke up multiple times in the middle, it was considered as good sleep compare to usual. Quick shopping at Traders Joes and Ralph for the BBQ and Jeff and Jolie came to pick me up to the park next to the Dodgers Stadium.

BBQ was lots of fun so glad I met people at my work to meet more people around them. I just had too much food and dealing with food comma for hours after eating. Met bunch of new people and had a great time at the park till 6 PM. Back home and took a shower before I went over to Dosung’s place.

Took Lyft there and worked on my HTML email blog article for couple hours. Finally got the first draft done but too tired to start doing proofreading. I will probably do that tomorrow but I still need at least 2 more people to do the same. Well, one day I will be able to write and publish myself! Also had a dinner with him at the BCD tofu place with two bottles of soju. I was very satisfied with food there. Will definitely come back again. Took a Lyft back home and writing journal to wrap up my day. 12:42 AM now. I will go to sleep soon for tomorrow. Hope I wake up early for the church. Goodnight All.

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