Might be picking up two new guinea pigs today. Lady came into the charity shop I volunteer at yesterday, and said that they’d brought two guinea pigs a year or so ago for her daughter, but now the daughter is off to university, and the place they’re living doesn’t actually allow pets. So every time the landlady came round, they had to hide the guinea pigs. But now they’ve been discovered, and told they can’t keep them.

So I said that I might be able to help. Or at the very least give these guinea pigs a roof over their heads. I’ve already got two of my own, and I know how to care for them. Only one problem. My two are male, and theirs are female. So I can’t put them in with mine, since there will be babies. Yes, baby guinea pigs are very cute, but I don’t really want any. Besides, there’s already loads of breeders in England.

They come with a cage and supplies, so will go see them this afternoon, and decide then. To be honest, the lady did seem like she was trying her best to actually find the girls a good home, and not just dump them on the first person who showed some interest. None of their friends could take them, since they either have dogs or cats.

One thought on “Huh…”

  1. That is good of you to even consider taking on two extra guinea pigs. My daughter has 9 rats. Not mice, but big old rats, and she adores them. She bathes them all every week in the bathtub, then cleans it with Clorox. She pats them dry like they were her babies. It’s sweet. What I’m saying is, it is extra trouble, but good for you for contemplating taking them on. You have a kind heart, and there is nothing better than that.

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