Like the people should have healthy eating habits, one should also strive for healthy drinkin habits as well. Cocktails and liquor have both positive and negative impacts on man. Drinking is no more a big deal today. Drinking is accepted in the society today. After a certain age limit, a person is allowed to drink in public restaurants and places where it is allowed to have drinks. I think that drinking is not that a problem till the time it is done in the limit. The world knows that excess of anything is bad but people tend to fail after getting addicted tom such habits. So, it’s better to keep control on such cravings since the beginning to avoid such later problems. Pursue liquor love but in a limit.


Wines and other drinks are used for fun but when it is done in excess it causes various other problems that make it no more fun. People don’t think about the ill effects that drinks can have on them and this attitude drives them into bad drinking habits, making them alcoholic that causes serious health problems. Liquor likewise makes harm the mind, heart, kidneys, and digestive framework. Malignancy of the mouth, throat, liver, and stomach turns into a danger also. Also, the trend of drinking and driving has been fatal for many. Many injuries and accidents are caused because a person is drunk. Sometimes a person dies because of the fault of the other person who was drunk. This is really sad. Apart from these, there are still many disadvantages of over- drinking, so take charge of your drinking habits today.


Celebrating great days, events and occasions with alcohol like wines and champagne is a tradition in many families and societies in the world. Raising a toast at a party has been a trend for a long time and it’s not bad also. Healthy and occasionally drinking is no issues. Also, there are so many companies that are making light wines and beers that can be consumed by people without any worry. One just needs to know the limit and alcohol will never become a depressant for family and friends. Drinking not only affects a person individually but also it affects the entire family and society at large. Celebrate in style with best of wines and drinks.


The lure of alcohol is seen more amongst the young generation today. Peer pressure is what I call that is driving many teenagers into the world of alcohol. At such a situation, parents should stretch out their helping hand to their children and guide them about the ill effects of alcohol. If parents simply say that they don’t want their children to drink then that would irritate them more. So, it’s better to sit with them and act as a guide to let them know the reasons why parents want them not go for alcohol. Drink safely and guide your children too. Don’t let alcohol be the reason of tension for your homes.

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