Little Girl Don’t Cry

 Little girl don’t cry,

You already know nobody will hold your hand.

Even when the truth is cruel,

You must be brave and tall you must stand.


Little girl don’t cry,

They don’t understand the pain you feel.

You must let them learn for themselves,

Don’t blame yourself but rather strive to heal.


Little girl don’t cry,

You must smile so your mother learns to smile too.

Push the pain, anger and confusion aside,

You have no choice but to fight this through.


Little girl don’t cry,

Time has turned the days into months and the months into years.

God may have tested your strength, character and beliefs,

Yet you beat it all and overcame all your fears.


Little girl don’t cry,

The quicksand holding you down is slowly disappearing.

Forget that overwhelming feeling of failure,

The darkness amongst the clouds is finally clearing.


Young lady you’re smiling again,

This is the time to flourish and achieve.

Obstacles will always come your way,

But you are strong and once again you may believe.


(Written by me in 2010 when overcoming the hardest years of my life)

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