No Energy

I seriously don’t know why I am having so many days with no energy ugh. Today I had plans to get so much done and literally got nothing done. I had planned on finishing cleaning the house and getting all my school stuff done. Nope none of that happened blah. Only real thing I accomplished was giving the dog a bath lol. 

There really is no excuse for this lazy no energy I got going on. My mind and body are just exhausted, I hope it passes soon! Tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll be busting my ass to get school done for the week, at least it’s just one class but there’s so much to do. I haven’t done anything for that class, haven’t even looked at what needs to be done or read. I normally don’t procrastinate like this, wtf is wrong with me?!?!

I also haven’t really spoken with Master these past few days which sucks. I know he’s been extremely busy and will get with me when he can. It’s just weird not talking with him throughout the day, everyday. My body is missing him as well, missing his ownership. I know he was giving me time to rest since some of the stuff he has me do is hard and I’m very thankful for that. I know I will hear from him when he has the time and that we will get back to our normal soon.

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