one more step forward

Who knew that getting a job where I am a glorified sex object (no, not stripping, they will actually fire me if I do that lol) would give me back some self esteem. I’m the 3rd oldest there but I look as young as the rest of them….most are 19 to 24 at the most.

So first day at my new job and no word from him still.  Lots of guys willing to buy me drinks (I never say yes) and not too bad of a place. There are a few things I don’t like, but every job has that. This is much better than my current job by far, either way.

As far as he goes, if he can’t man up and act like a normal human, then he wasn’t what I thought and isn’t what I want.  He’s not handling this like a responsible adult, and that’s 1 of the 4 things a guy has to have. If you don’t have 1 of the 4, really not worth it. Like he is not.   😀

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