Paradise Island

Shimmering sunlight, bright on my face, hits me like a wave of heat. As my eyes open slowly, I can see vividly, clouds flouting on a sheet of blue silk. The balls of cotton wool form shapes of tiny people that scurry around preparing for a show of fantasy, mystery and magic where fairies glide through the sky and goblins tiptoe amongst the many colours of the rainbow.


Suddenly an enchanted train in a hurry to reach its destination rushes past. It vanishes into a cloud of pink smoke. I close my eyes and listen carefully; I can hear it racing off into the distance leaving behind a shower of golden dust.


Captivated by the world beyond the horizon I look around in wonder. The glistening sea catches my eyes as the soft breeze tiptoes across the turquoise water making shifting ripples that slide along the soft blanket like a gracious snake. I can hear the seashore sliding on the golden sand and off in the distance beneath the shadows; I can see the sea dancing on the shallow rocks.


Behind me the leaves whisper and sway from side to side as the wind rushes through the branches, and quietly sings its lonely melody; reminding the birds of the old days when the island was alive with laughter and joy. Beneath it all, amongst the wondering shadows, the bushes rustle, threatening the invisible passers by on their way to explore the beauty and elegance of paradise island. Silently standing in the darkest corners, the trees lie in wait, quietly longing for the tourists to return. People come and go leaving behind memories of their darkest hours and tales of the happiness in their lives.


Beneath me the sand is warm and moist clinging to my body like grains of sweet sugar. My eyes lazily identify the footprints staining the golden beach with memorials of the past, bringing back old stories of all the lost souls wondering. The wander is of not having a companion, not a single heart beat to be heard. All alone, all alone in this fantasy.


The tropically scented aroma around me lifts me up with unseen forces and takes me to a place unheard of. I find myself wandering, wandering the soft carpet of sand, heading towards the dark shadows. As I descend deeper into the make believe night the sunlight pours through the trees like cracks in the blackness. The shadows move around me like foggy images from another world hovering, warning me to stay away.


As I gaze in amazement at the beauty of nature, my mind travels to a starlit night where everything around me is speechless. Nothing can be heard and nothing can be seen apart from the moon sleeping amongst the velvet darkness, like a huge ball of fire. The evening is as still as a picture in the mind of an artist; and if I listen carefully, off into the distance, I can still hear the laughter and joy of children playing in the gold grains of sand. As the thunderous waves come crashing down, the multi coloured fish glide through the underworld of magic.


(I wrote this piece 15 years ago at the age of 15. This piece is particularly important to me as it signifies the period in which my love for writing was born.)


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