Saturday, 7/30/16, 11:13pm, home in my office

Whoa. It’s been so long since I’ve written I don’t think I’ll remember everything. Let’s see,

Tuesday morning I got up and went to a TRX class at a crossfit gym in KC. The instructor was so enthusiastic I wanted to punch him in the nuts.  He wanted to high five all the time and shit.  Today  I got an enthusiastic personal email from him enthusiastically inviting me back to his class.  I’ll have to go back just so I can punch his nuts. After that I went back to my hotel to get ready for work.  The hotel that had fire alarms go off four times the night before.  I went to eat lunch at the train station near immigration court and had a fantastic salad.  Then I went to court.  The judge was cute. He did a double take when he saw me.  I interpreted for a half hour and then we were done.  I originally was going to stay for a silks class but I didn’t want to find yet another way to entertain myself in KC for four hours so I just drove home. Maybe that was the night I did a bunch of yard work. Marley and Harry were walking by and stopped to say hi. I felt super awkward and like I kept saying dumb things. Afterward, I went over to Becky’s and we practiced hammock. She taught me a new climb.  It was super cool.

Wednesday I went to the jail in Plattsmouth in the morning for a jail visit.  I felt bad for the guy. It sounded to me like the snitch entrapped him into doing something he never would have done if the snitch hadn’t asked him to. Then I went home for lunch. I had an individual with Fujimoto in the afternoon. It was a really interesting cancellation case. A woman with a daughter who is legally blind. So bad that she still can’t read and is like 14. I ran some sort of errand after that but I only remember going to KT to eat a salad before going to teach.  I had a super cool chic in my silks class, she was eager to learn and had confidence so I enjoyed teaching her.  Becky was my only student at hammock and we had a great time figuring out some moves from my favorite hammock youtube vid.

Thursday morning I had master calendar with judge Anderson. Then I went to NT to grocery shop for book club.  Came home, cleaned the shit out of my house and made a bunch of food. KBAB showed up at 5:30.  Then mom came over. Then Sharon C. and Lynn S.  I was really bummed that Michelle M. dropped out of book club. Kinda pissed actually.

Friday morning Belisia came for her visit, and then KBAB and I drove to Osceola to visit her friend Becca who is town from Australia.  She has a super cute little boy. We hung out, talked, ate lunch. We came back and got mom and went to the Gifford park farmers market.  We had fun talking to Chelsea and Tim.  Then we took Mom home and KBAB and I went to Farnam house for my favorite salad.  Then I took her to Benson. We went to Beercade where I was having fun but she wasn’t. Then we went to Ted & Wally’s where I had ice cream and she didn’t. We walked around a bit and then I wanted to go to Elmwood and use the exercise equipment. We did that and played on the playground and then I wanted to go home. KBAB was mad that I didn’t want to go to a bar and drink.

This morning I went to OBC to help with the parade.  A group of us rode in the parade and it was pretty fun.  Then I went to teach. I had seven, good natured women and we had a great time. I stopped by the salon to see KBABs hair, then I went home and watched the first episode of STranger Things.  Then I went to meet up with her and mom at Upstream.  Then she and I went to run her errands. Two different Discount Tire locations, Samsclub and Home Depot.  She had one of her big ass, nasty hissy fits again and I’m so fucking sick of her shit.  I told her she needs to learn coping skills and to let things go.  She said I don’t ever need to tell her how to handle herself; that me telling her that is inappropriate and not allowed. I said no, that’s not how relatiosnhips work; I’m totally allowed to say that. She said we have no relationship. That her rage problem is why she lives in the middle of nowhere.  I told her her rage problem is her choice.  That she doesn’t have to be that way and that she can choose to do something about it. I feel like we’re not friends anymore.

Then we went to Trilety’s cabin. We ate and talked to everybody and went on a boatride. 

Now I’m home and I just want to watch Stranger Things.


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