I was 14 when I started to develop feelings for the same sex. Although, I really just looked at one specific person. When I told my psychiatrist this, she called it a phase. At 15, family found out, I didn’t get any support, in fact, I was either told to befriend that person or move schools. They believed I was like this for having gone to an all girls school. I was tormented for a really long time. I still don’t consider myself as bisexual or anything. I was certain I liked boys. But she was different. I have many girl friends and I don’t see them the same way as I see her. At 17, that’s when I met him. And I honestly felt like this made my family forget about the past situation altogether. My feelings I had for her had subsided and a lot of things got in the way. Although, my past relationship didn’t last more than a year, he was still someone important that was part of my life. After that, I had gotten really busy when I started my first year at uni. I began seeing her as just my best friend. I’m 19 now and I was already in the middle of my 2nd semester when I began to make time and catch up on her. We became really close again, and it was recently I realised I’m actually still crazy for her. I confessed to her a few days ago. She confessed she felt the same way back. But nothing changed. She was afraid and I was worried. I suppose, as long as I knew she felt the same way about me, I was happy.

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