The Night

I thought this was a good idea, until I got to this page and I could not think of anything to write.

I just want to start off by saying I have never been good at writing, so I apologize in advanced for all of my grammatical errors.

For some reason I felt lonely tonight. I do not know why. I think it is just because I have a lot on my mind and I can not bring my self to open up to my boyfriend. I fear what his response will be. I am usually incredibly open about talking to him about everything.

I mentioned the topic that is on my mind right now about a week ago and his response has discouraged me to trying to talk to him again about it. 

I have no idea how to approach him about it, but I know that I need to talk to him about what it is on my mind, I just do not want to get into a fight or make him upset like I usually do.

I just feel helpless.


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