back from cali

I got back from California yesterday night. i wish the trip lasted longer than a weekend though. but overall it was pretty good. I’m thankful for the good times.

I talked to EO over that weekend, I enjoyed it, I missed him. as much as I’ve been saying I don’t and not wanting to admit it. I do miss him. but we argued again and I just told him that if he wanted to talk he could check up on me and if he didn’t we just wouldn’t talk. he just said mmm and we haven’t talked since then. so I guess were just not gonna keep talking. I don’t like that at all. but I cant force anything. and I know he isn’t gonna swallow his pride, which hurts.

I miss my babies, I really wanna see them again. it just sucks. but it makes me happy picturing them all little and smiling and talking and with their laugh that melts my heart. I wish they could stay small.

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