Beach day!

I did a lot today! Went to a new church in the morning in Hollywood and checked out another church after that. I didn’t like both of them tho. Thinking about just going back to the first Church I went to in North Hollywood. It’s just little too far from me but I definitely like it more than any other churches I have been to so far. Back home around 1 PM then went out for lunch at the new cafe down the street. Had a chicken salad and coffee while I was revising my writing from last night. It’s good that Haley is helping me with proofreading for this blog article. I actually just published article on now.

left the cafe around 3:30 PM then I spent rest of the day at the Venice beach with new skating crew in LA. Skated on the trail to north. We didn’t go too far up but got to try crazy hill in Santa Monica after couple bottles of beer. It was lots of fun!

Back home, shower then finished up the writing I talked about earlier. Feel so good to be done with a blog article that I had been trying to do for couple weeks. 11:10 PM now going to sleep soon as soon as I get all my things wrap up for today!

Goodnight All!

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