Hearing Voices and Physical Attacks After Spirit Communication

Hearing Voices and Physical Attacks from Spirit Communication

My Journal from My Experiences with Spiritual Oppression


The voices and physical sensations were still a little more intense than usual today. I know that the best thing to do would be to stop talking back to them, to not acknowledge them in the slightest. This is how the connection is weakened, but it is not an easy thing to accomplish. They are present, talking to me practically every moment that I’m awake with only brief periods here and there when I don’t hear them and this is only if I’ve become so distracted or focused on something that I don’t pay them any mind.


I’ve been hearing the very whispery female voice in my room again. I’ve been hearing it for many weeks now. This is a very faint whispery female voice….faint, but I can usually make out what she’s saying. This whispery voice is easier to block out because I usually only hear it when I’m in silence. It’s not using any background noise to make itself heard louder. The other voice that I often hear when I’m in silence is a very high pitched voice that seems to be speaking to me from in my right ear lobe. I can even feel a faint breath whenever it speaks (this voice is also usually female). In fact, I think that this high pitched voice that gets in very close to my ear is perhaps one and the same as the whispery female voice. I hear it as a whispery voice when it’s coming from across the room with no background noise to enhance it. I hear it as a higher pitched voice when it gets in close and speaks directly into my ear. The voice does seem to come in close like this if there is no steady background noise for it to use to distort and form into a more menacing voice as well.


The voices came in a bit louder and clearer today, especially the high pitched voice that gets in very close to my ear. I think they are probably exerting a little more effort now to get me to hear them because I do think that I’ve gotten at least a little better at blocking out the content of what they say.

“you’re not suppose to know about it” is what I’ve been hearing them say quite often this week.


I had no sleep aid last night and it was rough getting to sleep. The whispery voice and the high pitch female voice that gets right up in my ear were chatting away constantly. So it’s obvious to me that at this stage it is very much a difficulty for me to get to sleep without taking some form of sleep aid. The high pitch voice did say something interesting last night as I was back-talking to them, frustrated that I couldn’t get to sleep. She said: “what choice do we have, we feed on fear.”

I’ve learned to take everything that I hear from them with a grain of salt, but who knows….maybe once and awhile they through in a truth or a half-truth.


I received another phone call at work from these malevolent spirits yesterday. It was the first one in awhile. Whenever it happens, it’s always at my work on a land line, it’s never happend on my cell phone. I have no idea how they do this, but usually when they call, their voices are faint but clearly audible and there’s usually allot of static noise in the background. The calls are usually ridiculous prank calls in nature. This time was no different.


The higher pitch female voice that speaks right into my ear (usually my left ear) has been a bit more vocal the last few days. In general, things seem to have slid back a bit the last couple of weeks, though it’s not nearly as bad as it was months ago in the beginning. For the most part, my fear of them is gone and that is critical to being able to adapt to their onslaught and become a functional person again.


Interacting with them is pointless it seems and never does any good. I’ve tried more times than I can count to talk to them to see if I could resolve things and hopefully get this situation to end. It never does any good. Their malicious nature (at least in my case) always persist no matter what meaningless nonsense or bogus storyline they may be trying to feed me at the particular time.

I just want to note that in one of the accounts that I discovered this week, the writer mentioned that the voices that he was hearing (spirit voices) on at least one occasion after they were ridiculing him about something, told him “Happy Birthday”.

This immediatley caught my attention because I have often heard these spirits saying this exact same phrase to me. Since both of us were hearing this, I have to wonder if there is some hidden meaning behind this phrase or is it just another form of mockery that they like repeating?

I have noticed that these entities have not given up on making threats. In the first few months it was always something short term such as “we’ll be coming for you tomorrow morning”

“we’re going to take your spirit tonight at 11:30”

things along those lines.

I think this is a trick they employ to ramp up the fear, for indeed they do seem to gloat in it. Once I became aware that this was just more of their trickery, they would extend it out a bit and say things like

“we’ll be coming for you next Thursday” or more frequently they would say

“your execution is scheduled for next Thursday morning”

Of course Thursday morning would always come and go and nothing would ever happen. Now they seem to be extending things out even further. For weeks I’ve been hearing from them that: “my execution is scheduled for after Christmas”

They even make mocking comments such as “Christmas is almost here”

and “tis the season to be jolly”

So it seems they are still using this trick but extending my “deadline” further and further out now to try and insite whatever fear they can in me now as it is obviously getting harder and harder for them to do this now. Well, we’ll see. Christmas is a little over a month away, I’ll have to see what happens. But I suspect that Christmas will come and go without incident and then I’ll probably hear from them something along the lines of “your execution has now been rescheduled until after Easter.”

This wouldn’t surprise me one bit. They are certainly clever in coming up with new tricks to use against me but I think this one is wearing itself out at this point.


I had another stange dream this week and as soon as I awoke the voices were right there making comments about it. A couple of weeks ago I had dreams for at least three nights in a row, which is extremely rare for me. I think, to the best that I recall, that these were nights when I had not taken any sleep aids (which I take more often than not). I do have a strong suspicion that they can effect my dreams, perhaps even create and control them. I am not certain of this of course but I feel that it is a very real possibility. This will be something that I’ll have to continue to observe. If it is true, then it is just one more aspect of my life that these spirits are able to intrude into.


Something a bit unusual happend to me today. As I stated previously, practically everyday, one or more of these malevolent spirits gets in real close and speaks direclty into my ear. This is still usually a faint voice, but of a higher pitch and I can most often clearly make out what the voice is saying. I believe they use this method of communicating or more accurately I should say, harassing me when there is little or no background noise for them to utilize into distorting the noise to make their voices louder. This is how I often hear them at night while I’m trying to sleep. Very often I can actually feel a faint breath touching my ear. Today it seemed like when they were speaking to me in this close up and right in my ear manner, that instead of feeling a breath, it was almost like they were popping my ear drums. There was a rhythm to it that seemed to go along with the pattern of their speech, it was very bizarre.


Something strange happend today while I was talking to someone on the phone at my work. This is not the first time that this has occurred, but I suppose that I have grown more observant of it recently. Today while I was on the phone, the line seemd to momentarily cut out and I could hear these negative spirits that harass me trying to come through. As with most of their direct phone calls, there was a static like distortion quality to it, but where as before I had received direct phone calls from them, this time they seemed to be trying to break in on an ongoing telephone conversation. I can often hear them faintly talking when I’m on the phone, but the connection between me and the other person is usually not interrupted. This time it was, with the connection momentarily lost and the voices of these negative spirits heard trying to come through.


These malevolent spirits will search your mind and memories, they will seek anything they they can manipulate and turn against you in some sorted psychological mind game. You must really become indifferent to their slander and abuse. They will try and make you feel as low as possible or they will simply ramble on in a more nonsensical manner. Regardless, they will try and intrude into your life and impose themselves upon it to an extreme degree. They will often try and get you to act on their suggestions. Once during the darkest days, I heard a more benevolent sounding voice say to me “don’t do anything that you wouldn’t normally do.” Given the nature of this situation and how these malevolent spirits try and disturb your life for their own twisted amusement it seems, this seems like some sound advice. In essense, shrug off their bullshit as much as possible and don’t let them effect your life in a negative manner. It’s a challenge, but one worth pursuing.


When I say that I see them, I do not mean that I see full form apparitions. (though there have been a few occasion). What I see is dark, black swirls moving around infront of me briefly, like a dark disturbance in the air. Occassionally I will see the most vague form of an upper body appear, in a dark black outline. It will appear quickly, move about slightly and then vanish.


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I could feel one of these entities on my back. It is truly a bizarre feeling. It is difficult to put into words other than to say that I felt something small literally clinging to my back. I did not take any sleep aids last night and this still leaves me more open to experiencing these types of occurences.


There are moments when I’m so distracted anymore that I’m not paying anymind to the voices and in fact, don’t hear them at all. Yet there are other times when I hear them talking constantly. The difference now, and the change is in how I hear them. Back in the Spring of 2015, when the situation was at its worse, I could hear many voices quite loud and very clearly. There was even one or two voices with such a strange deep bass quality to them that I could even feel a vibration or shockwave sensation everytime that I heard them speak. At other times, it was as if I were in a room full of people who were talking to me all at once. At other times, when I was outside on a particularly windy day, there was a strange and terrifying effect where it seemed like I was being verbally harassed by hundreds, even thousands of voices all at once.


I often wonder, would this have happend to me if I had walked away from it sooner? Was there something I could have done? By the time that I sensed danger, it was already well on its way. It seemed like a series of events were already set in motion. Now it all must run its course. I can only look forward to the day when it’s all behind me.

I believe tonight that I saw a small black mist like orb dart across my hallway right in front of me. It happend very quickly. This is the second time this week that I saw this black mist. I can’t help but wonder if I’m enetring a new stage in my oppression. Time will tell I suppose.

It happend again tonight at around 10:30pm, but this time all of the lights were off and I was watching television. This time I saw a bright orb quickly dash across my hallway. This time, instead of a black mist, it was a bright ball of light. The voices claimed that this was indeed them. However, this really means nothing to me as they would say anything. Nothing they say (this group that haunts me) can be taken at face value….none of it.


Seems like these malevolent spirits are escalating with their psychological mind games. Today I heard them say “you’re number 10 on our list of people to kill.”

The message of this is nothing new, just a new way of saying it. Every once and awhile, they’ll say something new to get your attention but they are also very fond of saying the same things over and over again for a long time.


Just to note a memory, there was an occasion back when I was still doing my EVP recordings, in January of 2015, when one night as I was just completing a recording session (at this point, I was just hearing “benevolent” voices on my recordings), I went into my bathroom and I remember that as I looked into my bathroom mirror, all of a sudden I started to see about a dozen or maybe more of what I can only describe as bright, luminous sparks of light swirl around before my eyes. This was directly in front of me and not in the reflection in the mirror. I recall that I intentionally blinked, thinking that if it was just a hallucination, then it would probably disappear, but they did not disappear right away but continued to swirl around me for a few moments.

Hearing Voices and Physical Attacks from Spirit Communication

My Journal from My Experiences with Spiritual Oppression


There were occassions when these physical sensations were quite uncomfortable. There were occasions when it felt like something small was trying to dig its way into my side. There was also one evening when I felt a small intense vibration within my body that began to move around. This became extremely uncomfortable. Because of the intensity of the voices at this time, I more or less found it impossible to get a decent night of sleep. On one occassion, one of these spirits seemed to come right up along side of me as I lay in bed in an almost vegetative state. It then proceeded to make an intense buzzing sound and continued to do so for quite awhile. I have no doubt that the purpose of this tactic was to further deprive me of rest / sleep and to keep me awake longer so that my body and mind would further become weakened and more susceptible to manipulation.

In the beginning stages of this attachment/oppression situation, these entities expend allot of effort to deprive you of sleep and they effect your appetite so that your mind and body becomes weak and vulnerable to their influence and manipulation.

It was at this time, when I was sleeping and eating very little, that on a couple of occassions, I had some rather extreme visions/hallucninations. It would be easy just to write this off as being a side effect of being so deprived of sleep and a steady diet, but it is my own feeling that these malevolent earthbound spirits were influencing what it was that I was seeing during my visions.

One evening I saw faces and figures appear in a mirror. I also saw human forms hovering in the air above me as well as seeing full bodied apparitions appear right before my eyes. It was also, during these early days, that I often was hearing the sound of people running through my house, and banging on walls, when no one else was there but me. On one occassion a door was violent slammed open in front of me.

It is evident to me, just from reflecting back on it now, that these intruding and malevolent spirits seem to gain more strength and ability to interact with the physical plane when their victim is in a state of high emotional distress. And though to this day, I am still dealing with the voices, the physical sensations and some visual things , I can say in all honesty that they are much weaker now and have much less of an effect on me since I’ve calmed my nerves and better learned to control my emotions. That is the first step in overcoming these yapping tormentors….restablishing a firm grasp and control over your own emotions. Fear and anxiety make them strong…..staying calmer takes their power away from them, so that their onslught is significantly reduced in strength.

Becoming indifferent to the content of what they say is also very important as they are very skillful at manipulating and playing mind games in an effort to “freak you out”. They will analyze your beliefs about spirituality and religion and they will twist and distort them in a manner that will attempt to use them against you. One must reach a point where you simply no longer care about or believe the content of what you are hearing (or at least be able to). Whether it is something malicious, or something they mask in “kindness”, it’s best always…always take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

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