Lesson Learned

Today I learned a tough lesson, not to slack off. Master gave me a deadline today and I missed it and of course I was punished. I had to insert my rope knots and keep them there until I finished what I was suppose to have done. To make things worse I had to leave the house for a little while, with them still in! I was so uncomfortable 😔 I truly despise those knots! 

Master said it was a punishment and motivation for me. It definitely motivated me to hurry up and finish so I could get the relief of removing them. I hate that punishment so much that it will motivate me not to get into trouble. 

My ass has been so sore and tender even after removing them ugh. Feels like it may be a few days before its back to normal. I never want to use them ever again. 

I am ordered to get all my school stuff done tonight, which I plan on doing. I really don’t want another punishment, especially if it involves the stupid knots. If I get everything done tonight then I’ll be ahead, I can start on this coming weeks assignments and try to complete them several days in advance. It would be much better to stay ahead than get behind and have Master after my ass. So on that note off to go get this stuff done!


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