Love and Support

Doubting someone you care about; usually means you’re not supporting them. Whether your a friend, a parent, or a family member; you should always support each other no matter what happens to you or to each other. Cause family are always there to love and support you.


Many people criticize or judge on the things that matter to you the most. The things that could change your life –  in a blink of an eye; in a flash. You do what you do because you love it and it makes you happy. I love writing because it makes me happy. It makes me feel good about myself and to help others achieve the opportunity of life.


I wanna change my life by writing everything that I know of the world. That’s what God gave me. A world where I’ve learned I can be myself and write from the heart. It’s true what people say. Write from your heart and follow and your heart; write what you know. Achieve your goals in life and create yourself by doing what’s best for you.


I’ve been thinking about all this writing thing for a very long time now. I wanna get all my writing publish. You know…like so many people out there that wanna help others. To sacrifice the meaning of love and relationship.  The meaning of everything you believe in. What do you believe in?

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