Monday, August 1, 2016, Omaha immigration court

Yesterday I did nothing. It was such a waste of a day. I got up at 10. I went to NG because I was out of one of my supplements. I wanted to go to the gym and to the library to study but I never had the energy to do either of those things. I drove to Temple Israel to meditate but it was closed. I drove to Aksarben village and was going to walk all the way to Underwood and back but I felt like ass so I made it about a block and gave up. I went back to NG and got a quest bar. I was going to go to Aromas in Benson but instead i decided maybe I would go to a movie at film streams. When I got there I didn’t feel like it. I went home to shower because M invited me to meet up, but then we cancelled and I decided I needed coconut bread from whole foods. Holy shit. No wonder I don’t have gas left in my car. Lol. While I was whole foods Kate R. texted about hanging out. I invited her over to finish Stranger Things. I ordered pizza; we had a good time.

I’m so happy to be at work today. I’ve been in detained with Anderson all day. Had a quick, twenty minute lunch at KT. 



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