The fix it man came over today to meet me and give me an estimate on working on my bathroom.  He came recommended to me by a former co-worker. When she gave me his phone number she said, “Now don’t be shocked in how he looks, he kind of looks like an old hippy.”

I was expecting to see someone with that old 70’s look and instead when I went to the door he reminded me of one of those Duck Dynasty men.  He was such a nice easy going man. He made me comfortable from the moment he walked into my home.  He brought his 25 year old grandson with him.  I think he is teaching him to be a handyman.

This gentlemen is going to knock out a wall that is between the shower-toilet area and the vanity.  I want the area to know be so cramped looking and knocking out that will will give the appearance of more space. He will put in a new toilet, new vanity, lighting fixtures, and mirror. He will tile the floor around the toilet and the tile will go into my closet. With the finishes touches he will paint.

I asked him what he would charge for labor. I intend to meet him at Home Depot to buy the supplies so my main concern is labor cost.  He said it could take 3 day, if that is the case it will cost $900.00.  If he has to go a fourth day it will be $1,200.00.  

Inside I was jumping for joy.  I was expecting him to quote me $3,000.00 for labor.  Most of the other people I have hired through the years have charged me so much more. I was so very pleased by his prices.

He must have realized that I was nervous about the cost so he said, “I just want you to know that I would never quote one price and then try later on telling you it cost more.”  Two of the other people that had worked for me in the past did just that.  They came in giving me a verbal bid then tried charging me more when the work was only half done.  

I am so happy with my fix it man. He and his grandson will start work on Wed of this week and hopefully by late Friday or Saturday I will have a new bathroom.  I can’t wait. I am sooooooo happy.


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  1. Your being soooo happy makes me happy!! I am smiling right now. What a wonderful person your handyman sounds like. And the lower cost than you expected. That’s so great! Also, you will know him now in case you need some other work done sometime.
    God bless you!

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