Relationship Decisions

So this guy at the high school i went to has a crush on me. He has made it a point now that I know he has a big crush on me. He has asked me multiple times if I wanted to date him. Each time I have tried to avoid the topic all together. He is a very sweet guy and is very nice to my family. He had a very rough home life up until about a year ago. He says that he has changed and became a new man and I see it in him. I am still very confused on if I should date him. My best friend and my mom said that I shouldn’t date him because he is not for me. I can not help thinking about him. He has had a rough life but has started to overcome it. Today he messaged me again asking me if I would consider dating him. I told him that I was unsure if I was ready for a relationship because I was going to college soon and that we would never see each other. He told me to think about it for a couple day then let him know. I am so unsure right now with what I am going to do. Hopefully I can come to a decision soon because I feel bad that I keep putting my answer off. Well I am going to start to really think about this because I don’t want him to be waiting on me if I ultimately decide that I just want to be friends.

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