Shaming over lost virginity

Altho im a virgin, I don’t agree with shaming ppl when they regret their 1st time. I believe if someone regrets having sex at the wrong place wrong time (and those ppl exist), you should help em cope. When I was younger, I was an arrogant virgin. I believed premarital sex was a sin and cuz of it, I thought I was better than you. If you had premarital sex and you told me about it, I’d think very poorly of you and very highly of myself for not screwing up like you did. I’d probably use you as an example of a sinner who lacks self control, self esteem, self respect, and morals while flaunting my virginity. Thankfully things changed alot to where now I’m humble and I don’t condemn ppl over their sex life.


3 thoughts on “Shaming over lost virginity”

  1. Humility is a wonderful virtue. I’m glad God worked it into your life. Compassion also. Thank you for sharing this good journal entry. Somebody surely needs it. I might add: God forgives and Jesus takes the sin away and restores us. With great compassion.

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