So we recently finished moving all the stuff into my step moms apartment. It was alot of work but we finally did it. I found some old stuff and my wireless keyboard and mouse so ima be using that now. So this whole weekend i stood with one of my old best friends. She kept me up will 3 a.m. every night lol. And i finished reading this manga i was really into and i hated the ending. The week just started so not much has happened. And my friend invited me to the movies, but my bf said no cuz he doesn’t like him (the guy that ‘played’ me). He wanted to see this movie called “Suicide Squad” or whatever, and i dont even know what that movie is, but merh. But today was kinda a frustrating day. I was suppose to go see my brother after i got picked up from my friends, but my dad wanted to clean up the apartment instead. So basically ive been sitting here doing nothing. And we’re also suppose to take my puppy to my tia’s house so she could take care of her. Turns out the apartment manager wont allow pets, so we cant keep her here. And my dad said he forgot to feed her so that got me pretty pissed off, but he went and just filled her food bowl so i feel a bit better. But yeah, then i talked to my SO for a while. Things are good so far, but besides that, not a very interesting day…



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