Day 6 – What are your 5 greatest strengths as a partner?

What are your 5 greatest strengths as a partner?

I’m having a hard time answering this question today, I’m lacking in the self love right now. Maybe this question is coming at a good time then. Maybe it will force me to look for the good things in myself. 

Here goes nothing: 

1. I am understanding, I feel as though I don’t expect perfection from another person. I have been through some shit lately and I have a better sense of that people can be a good person but have done some bad shit. 

2. I’m not judgemental, this goes with the first one. I don’t judge someone based on their past or their circumstances. I can see the person for who they are. 

3. I am willing to fight for the relationship. This one is a double edged sword though…I will sometimes destroy myself in the process but I won’t give up on my partner easily. I will give everything I have before walking away. 

4. I like to take care of my partner emotionally, I enjoy cooking for them, helping out with whatever they need etc. If my partner is happy then it makes me happy. 

5. I probably shouldn’t add this one but I am very sexual. I am not the type of partner who doesn’t need sex or who puts it on the backburner. I feel like a healthy sex life is important. Its how you connect with your partner differently than the rest of the world. Maybe it’s not the sex more the intimacy that comes with it. Either way I crave that and I think thats important in a relationship. 


Some of my greatest strengths are also my biggest weaknesses and maybe that’s what love is all about – being vulnerable, giving someone the best of you knowing it very well could hurt you. No matter what has happened, good, and or ugly in my love life I will always give 100%. I never want to be one of those bitter women that preach all men are the same. 

Oh boy I got a bit off topic. Anyways those are my 5 strengths. 


*When she offers her time and effort to you, she’s going to need it all back*

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