One Of Those Days

Today was another not so good day.

It continued on from last night. I thought I would wake up being in a better mood, but obviously that did not happen. 

I had to work this morning at 11 and I was in a semi-good mood. (I also quickly wanted to say since none of you know me, I hold a grudge pretty well.) Once I went on break and came back I felt a lot better since I got a few minutes to my self. 

At work I am a parking attendant, so all I do is sit in a claustrophobic tiny box. These two girls about my age (17, almost 18, yay!) came up to me and asked if I had any jumper cables in my car because theirs died. I told them I did but I am not allowed to leave my booth, but I get out of work at 3.

So normally the person for the next shift is suppose to come 5-10 minutes early so you can count and close your drawer for the shift.

The guy that usually came to cover comes 10 minutes early to be nice. 

It was 3:05 and he was not there. So I had to call the supervisor and he said the guy put his two weeks notice in  and never bothered to show up. So I had to wait for him to call me back to find a replacement. About 5 minutes later he called me back saying he found someone to cover, it will be about 10 minutes until he can get there.

About this time it was 3:20, and about 20 minutes ago I was suppose to be helping these 2 girls jump their car. I was late and I felt sooo bad. He finally showed up and I quickly counted my drawer (and thank god I was only over by 5 cents). I left and found the girls to let them know why I was late and I will go grab my car really quick. 

They then responded to me “My dad just texted me and he is on his way, thank you though.”

So I was rushing around feeling bad for no god damn reason. They should have called him over an hour ago when they first found out their car’s battery had died.

I left and went to my boyfriends, my day was going good, we did not get into any little pointless fights, went and caught some Pokemon.

My curfew is 10:00pm since I am not 18 yet. When I got home at 9:59 I was already pissed because my dad parked in MY spot in the driveway and I only like it when I park there, I went into the kitchen to empty my lunch bag and my mom said “Hello” and I responded “Hi” ( I also should let you know that I have a really soft voice and I speak incredibly quiet and it is a huge problem with my boyfriend because we both get very annoyed when I reply to him and he always says “huh?”, any way back on topic). I responded to my mom and I turned around and had her head turned this special way she always does and her eyebrows raised up, she obviously didn’t hear me. I annoyingly told her “I said hi!” and after that we got into this huge argument about stuff over the past few days that would be very hard to type. 

Anyway my day is ending pretty shitty and I just needed to vent because I didn’t want to text all of that to my boyfriend. 

I hope I have a better day tomorrow, though I doubt it because I have a dentist appointment and I have to watch my nephew for a couple hours tomorrow and all day Thursday.

I hate kids by the way. He is almost 2 and a half. I just don’t have the patience or time.

It’s just been one of those days.


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