Social Media Sucks.

We were texting yesterday, and he was basically doing IT again. “I don’t think you could afford the house. Let’s just sell it or write me a check so I can get my own place.” Well, guess what? I -CAN- afford the house and I’m going to – even if I need to get a roommate. I’m amazing with money, and sometimes a bit too frugal for my own good, so I know I can afford it. I’ve been putting my foot down with him and I think it’s been surprising him.. hell, it’s been surprising myself. That spitfire I thought I had lost had never really gone. I promised myself to not be bitter, because honestly, I just want to be happy. I’m not happy when I’m mean to him, or when we’re fighting. 

I haven’t even started looking up online divorces yet. I need to schedule a meeting with the lender for my house and see if I can qualify to refinance it by myself. I should be able to since my credit is pretty great, but then I have to refinance my car as well. This sucks. I don’t want to do any of this. Anyone want to volunteer to do it for me?

So, he pissed me off (what else is new?) and I deleted all of our pictures from Facebook, hid our relationship status, and unfollowed tons of his friends. I’m sure he’s seen it by now. It’s really funny to watch our “mutual” friends slowly deleting my from their lists. I guess true colors really do come out in divorces.

I really need to sleep.

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