About me.

I’ve already done two other entries today within the past hour. They were about me but not in a obvious way, lol. I haven’t had an online diary before. I do have one on paper but too many people can easily get into it. I usually like to write poetry and write things about myself in my diaries. The first journal about me is usually pretty awkward. So I will just tell you about myself…
I am 18 years old, long blonde hair, and I am pretty short.
I grew up a bit different than other kids. My parents divorced when i was just two years old. My dad suffered from severe PTSD from the desert storm wars in Afghanistan. From this and his child hood of abuse he started drinking before i was born and it got worse as i grew up. Although, his problems never ruined our relationship until i was about 11 or 12. I started noticing unnormal things. My mother had many, many problems.She and I never really had a close relationship until i got into my teens. She had an issue of going from men to men quickly. On top of that, she suffered from a drugs problem. (heroine) I was so pissed off at her, our relation soon drew apart as well. I did not really have anyone but a few other family members and my sisters. Speaking of my sisters, i have 3. Gabrielle who is 22, Lois who is 21, and Dianna who is 15…… Tomorrow i will continue the rest of my story for who ever is interested in the rest. Trust me, my life story gets a lot better and th plot twists. But for now, i have to go.

Thank you for reading. Hear from ya tomorrow!

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  1. Your childhood sounds very sad. I’m sorry. But thank you for opening up and being so real with us. I can tell already you are a very special young lady. God bless you.

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