The two men met me at Home Depot on time.  I was there a half hour early and 15 minutes later I saw them entering the other door.  I think he was trying to get there early to pick out the essentials before he was to meet up with me at 9 am.  

I had already picked out my tile before they arrived, the color of paint, the ceiling fan and lights for the room before he ever arrived.  So once I met up with him all we had to do was go down the aisle and pick things up.  He was surprised that I was so efficient.  

I paid for everything at the counter and I used my two gift cards.  The supplies cost me a little over $400.00 after I used the gift cards.  If I had not had those cards I would have had to pay $800.00 out of my own pocket.  

The men came to my home and right away started working. They did not waste any time at all.  My brother arrived 1 hour after the men had started working and they had removed old sink, toilet, rugs, and they even knocked out that center wall.  They work fast.

The man asked me up front if they could get paid half the wages today.  He wanted $300.00 for himself and the same for his co-worker.  He believes it will take them 4 days to complete this job and at the end of that time I just have to given them another $300.00 per person.  When you calculate it they are only making $150.00 per day per person.  Seems like a lot of work for that little price. 

I can already tell they are doing good work.  My brother was pleased with both men as soon as he met them.  He told the older man that he wants to hire him to put in a new stove and do something outside with drip irrigation.  Our family alone can keep these men working. We always have projects that need working on.  Even my son could use the help around his home. 

I was so excited when I woke up this morning. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I can’t want for my sweet treat at the end of this week, my new bathroom.  I have been wanting to get this done for over a year but knowing that I was retiring last December I was wanting to make sure I didn’t over spend by fixing that bathroom too soon.  Now that I realize that I can live on my small social security check I decided that I could take the money out of savings and complete this job. 

I’m just bursting with joy.  I found two new contractors that are not only honest they also know what they are doing. 

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