Day 158 – Rekt

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016

I’ve been waking up earlier than usual, maybe because of my trip. Though today, I think I had help.

At 3:something am our cat woke up my dad. He was about to walk downstairs until he tripped and pulled on the ramp, which was not yet done and can’t support anything. Some items got loose and left a big bang, but I decided to go back to sleep, cause I heard my mom said that he was fine. Then, my brother was walking downstairs and HE tripped and this time took all the ramp down. That made an even bigger noise. I was listening for a bit, but I was very tired so I decided to go back to sleep. If it was something serious, I knew my parents would wake me up.

I spent most of my time today building the gym for the Pixelmon server, which the owner says she really loves and may be using it, which I feel great about. Lately, my building skills have been much better. I think medieval is just what I’m good at in Minecraft. I also moderated the server quite a bit and I was getting a little too easily irritated, so I left an admin to take care, which he was noticing my irritated self and said “That’s why I came on”. The owners have been going through rough times lately, so our job as staff is to help out until they get better.

There was a guy on the phone at some point claiming that my father’s, or just our home number’s, computer was hacked. He sounded unsure why he was calling and when he said that my dad was hacked, my dad started smiling, cause he was called for that many, many times before. My dad asked him “What’s my name?” and the guy was unsure and tried to say something else, until my dad asked again and then went on to say “Listen, you don’t even know my name. If you did actually work for Microsoft, then you’d know my ip, which is known to be linked to a name. You don’t even know my ip and Microsoft doesn’t even call people when they get hacked. I know you’re a fraud and piece of advice : don’t call me again,” then hung up and I just said “rekt”.

I haven’t heard from J today. Usually he talks to me at least once a day, but today he didn’t say a word. He wasn’t online at all, so I’m hoping all is good and he was just working.

That’s all for today.

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