Doers of The Word.

I’m doing my regular morning Bible session and I am studying the book of James. I come across a verse (James 1:22) that says  But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.”

Right now I’m thinking to myself, how can a person like me be able to do that? I’m very shy and antisocial. I don’t know how to elaborate on things or, put things into detail to help the person better understand something. I’m just thinking and thinking. What can I do to help spread Gods word and the love of God if I’m the type of person who struggles with this? I also wanted to join missionary trips and help people that are in need, but I just don’t have that type of leadership.

So I’m just going to pray about this for now and God will help me and put some ideas into my mind. Praying for guidance and courage.

3 thoughts on “Doers of The Word.”

  1. I believe you are called to be an intercessor—-someone who prays for people in need, from your “prayer closet”. God would have made you bold if he wanted you to be a speaker or something. He wants you to have a tender heart, which you do, and compassion, and do the work of praying. That is what came to me when I read your journal. Blessings to you!

  2. You could do small things. When you go to the store complement the store clerk, a waitress, anyone you come across. Sometimes a doer does little things to bring a smile to another’s face. When I was working people were so quick to complain, but not so quick to say thank you. A word of kindness would have gone a long way.
    Now that I am retired I love going to Dunkin Donut for coffee. I bring old magazines and books to the people who work there. They are so happy when they get those books. Just something simple can make a persons day better.

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