Goodbye Mr Oak

I decided not to tell the wife of Mr Oak that I had been a secret of his for a near 4 years, maybe closer to 5 years. 

As an adult trying to think and act like an adult I decided not to say anything to his wife, they were happy. I genuinely was totally unaware of her exsistance until yesterday or I wouldn’t have let him walk me home that night. I can say that he is a good guy, he’s been a good Friend listening to all my dilemmas and moaning about “The Dragon” so for that I’m grateful!!

I never did get to my party this afternoon. The Wife (oaks wife) was at my door. Well I nearly poop’d my pants while screaming like a loud screaming fairy! My first thought was grab the ice hockey helmet, cover your face rach. The Wife is gonna kill me aahhhhh!!! 

But much to my surprise she said “hi! Can you answer a few questions for me please??” She had the kid handsome wee lad like his mum! Ha ha pmsl!!! She knew about me already I could tell. BUT WHAT DID SHE KNOW??! I answered her predictable questions with silent nods I spoke very little. As we both stand up wiping the grass off ourselves she asks me to stay away from her husband and to never speak oft his hour together. Thank fuck!! That could have gone really bad xxx

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