Just My Luck

If anyone has the worst luck it’s me, I swear I can never catch a break. Today while out running errands I stopped at the McDonald’s drive thru for my lil one (she needed fries lol). While waiting at the third pick up window I put the car in park. Well once I got the food I went to drive off, it wouldn’t shift into drive! No matter what I did the shifter would move but it wouldn’t actually go into any gear. 

Luckily my dad lives about 10 minutes from me and where I was at. He came and was able to fix it temporarily to at least drive home. Then my brother came over and figured out the problem, a stupid plastic bushing on the shifting cable! We got it fixed within a few hours! 

 I also had a quiz to do today for school, was planning on spending half the day working on it but that got messed up because of the car issues. Thankfully it only took me a couple hours and I got 100%! Yay! 

Once I got my quiz done all the stress of the day finally went away. I’m so exhausted though blah. Master didn’t require anything from me today, which was good because I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do anything under the circumstances. I’m sure tomorrow or coming days he will command me to do stuff, I hope he does. It feels weird when I don’t have tasks to do or when he doesn’t have me bound or roped. Makes me miss him! 

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