Saying Hello…

They say life begins at 30? “They” couldn’t be more wrong! I’m a single, 30 year old mother with 4 kids – my eldest son Lives with his father, my middle boy, my 1yr  (boy/girl) twins and myself live at my mother’s small 2 bedroomed house!


Early 2015 I walked out my house with my kids and bringing with us the clothes on our backs. The reason why I walked away and ended my 15 year relationship is not important right now. What I can share is that because of these reasons I now suffer from anxiety, I’m scared of the dark, I have horriffic nightmares to which the screaming actually wakes up the neighbours, loud noises, traffic, my sister!! Oh dear Lord That woman (my sister) can cause an anxiety attack on anyone!! I overthink everything down to every last detail and love doing reasearch on anyone or anything! To top it all I used to be really laid back , I trusted everyone 110% until th y fucked me over but now  I have no trust whatsoever – trusting no one! 

I’ve been through enough misery and hurt to last life times. My ex partner was nasty to me and now my mother has turned into a evil, controlling, manipulative witch!

I like to write, it helps me off load without talking to anyone.
So this is just a journal of life events in no order but should hopefully fall into place the more you read.

Some entries being small & insignificant while others life changing, some good & some bad and some may excite you while some entries you might find plain boring!
If you do read any of my journal happy reading!!

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