My Morning Thoughts….

Oh My God was I dreaming?! Is my initial thought this morning. Did I learn that the lovely Mr Oak is in fact in a relationship and has been for 7 years? The first time I split with my kids father I met Mr Oak & his friend outside a pub. They insisted on walking me home, which I was ok with they seemed pretty normal guys around my age. Little did I know this was the start of my wild & adventurous sex life.

We all walked to my house together while trying not to get caught for our unruly sexual behaviour on the way! Once in my house we all lost any control we may have had over our selves and I personally had an interesting but fantastic sexual experience.  Anyway I gave Mr Oak my number told him to keep in touch. And he did exactly that. We have spoken at least 5 out of the 7 days every week bar when I fell pregnant with my twins. Our conversations were deep when not about sex. We used to meet up a lot act out what we had spoken about prior. The chemistry between us was very intense, we were great together, knowing all the right buttons to press. I had started to want more than sex & chat which I told him. We went on a date 2 weeks ago also!! 

BUT after this morning, four years after I first met him or maybe even more finding out that he has a partner of 7 years and child all living together in the family home that I have also been in with him!!!

WHAT THE FCUK DO I DO?? My heart says “No” but my head says “yes!” I want to tell her because I would want to know. But then again she is all about family so if I do tell her could this break her or will she break me?? I’m a good person, I don’t want to break up a “happy home” . I don’t care about their relationship or not being able to have him here where & when I want, you know something I don’t even feel the need to talk to him ever again, only time will tell! I’m so confused, on the other hand I have a kids birthday party to attend today so I’ll think about it later, maybe tomorrow!!

 Now with that aside momentarily I’m waiting on The Dragon (the Mother) waking up and fcuking off out to work after getting home absolutely steaming but only slightly abusive last night I dread to think what she is going to try & argue about with me this morning… I’ve done her washing, all the house work excluding the bathroom & my bedroom. so fingers crossed everything is ok for her and she doesn’t get evil!!??

Wish Me Luck 😘😘

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