Tuesday, 8/2/16, Home, in my office

Yesterday after work I drove to sound Method to pick oup my check and when I got there I realized I don’t have my key.  I don’t know what happened to it.  Then I drove to the gym to meditate, workout amd then go to the library to take my three tests..  I started to walk toward the building and then I turned around and went home.  I just couldn’t do it. I don’t know why I felt so stuck.

I texted Trilety to see if she wanted to go to a movie and she said yes!  I took one of my tests and then went to her place.  We hun out for a bit and then we went to Aksarben and saw ghostbusters.  The movie was meh but Tand I had great conversation and the evening was very uplifting.  I then went home and took my other two tests. I actually got to bed at a decent enough hour that I was able to ride my bike to court today.

I had masters with fujimoto in the morning.  He had a meeting he had to be at at 11 so we took a break from 11-12.  I decided to take a quick ride on the riverfront trail.  I accidentally took too long but it was okay.  Then I had lunch in break room with all the immigration people. My afternoon hearing only took a half hour so I rode to the #2 bus stop and went to Natural Grocers for a Quest bar and some stuff I need for my trip. Then I rode to UNO. I meditated at HPER and then I went to the library and studied.

Then I took the bus back downtown and met up with Kate and Elisabeth at KT for happy hour.  It was fun. We had deviled eggs, snack mix and hummus. It was soooo yummy.  Then Kate and I went to Film STreams to the see the mindfulness movie that MOI put on. It was interesting and good to see everybody after.  Susi and Josh were there, Michelle and Nate, Sandy and Don. 

Kate gave me a ride back to my bike and then I rode home.

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