Have I gone completely insane? is it normal to have these types of feelings so young?

My two older sisters are 21 and 20 and they just recently had two girls. I’m not sure if i have gone baby crazy, but seeing them with their cute little kids makes me want one so bad. I am not sure if its just because they’re older and its kinda of like a little sister wanting to be “just like their older sisters”. But i really really want one. Theyre so adorable. Honestly, ive had these feelings before they had them. It’s just a lot worse now that they have kids. Is this normal for a 18 year old to feel? Or am i just going crazy? lol



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  1. It’s pretty normal to want kids. Kids are cute and fun. But they are people. Little, tiny, impressionable, needy, fragile people. The wrong colored birthday cake could scar them for life. And then, you’ll have the burden of a life on your hands. Because you selfishly had a baby when you weren’t ready, a child was born and is immeasurably damaged.

    Think of how good of a parent you’ll be in a few years. Think of how much smarter, more mature, more worldly, more capable you’ll be? Think of all the wonderful things you’ll miss out on now if you didn’t wait. You only get one chance to be this young. And if you never experience those things, you may miss out on a life experience that you can share with your child. You may miss out on the chance to impart some sage advice on them. Think of what kind of life your child would have now. You’re young and inexperienced, and you can’t have very much money. Trust, babies are expensive as hell. Take all the expenses you incur in a year and double that. That’s how much a baby costs annually. Food, clothing, accessories, medical, it’s so much money. It’s ridiculous. Keep in mind all of these things. And then, think of what you’d say, think of how you’d feel if your daughter came to you at just 18 and said they wanted a baby. Wouldn’t you tell her the same thing?

    If you want something cute and fun and cuddly and goofy, get a puppy. Or a kitten. I’m impartial, both are pretty adorable. They are much cheaper, and there’s almost zero chance that you might accidentally ruin their life. Feed, water, cuddle, walk, clean up after. That’s all pets need. It’s pretty great. And you can still dress them up in silly outfits, which is pretty great. I’m dressing my cats up as cows for halloween. Although, there’s a pretty adorable lobster costume I’ve had my eyes on. I suggest getting a pet to hold you over for a few years, and once you’ve gained the experience and finances necessary for raising a kid, go for it!! And then, you can proudly claim to everyone you know, “I’m the world’s best parent. I patiently waited and prepared for my child. I gave it the very best life possible. My child is happy, and my child is healthy. I did a damn good job!”

    But I totally know what you mean. I have seven younger brothers and sisters that I helped raise. And I have older friends with kids that I also cared for from time to time. I’ve always had a baby to take care of. When I moved out on my own, I felt like a void in my heart because I didn’t have a baby to take care of anymore. That was my whole life, it was everything I was. If you were to ask me my dream occupation, I’d say parent. Seriously, kinda lame, but true. And I almost did something drastic to start a family. I’m glad I didn’t. It’s years later now, and I’m still not ready. I’m glad I waited, because now I know so much more and will be so much better prepared when it does happen. There’s plenty of time. I’m excited, but patient. I want to do it right. So until then, I’ve got cats and a playlist on youtube of babies giggling and eating lemons. Their squishy squashy faces are so expressive, I can’t handle it. Have patience! =D

  2. I have gone through many stages of “baby fever” as I call it…started when I was a teenager hard not to look at an adorable baby and want one. It comes and goes for me sometimes at the weirdest points in my life. I am currently 28 with no children and I can say I am glad I’ve never given into the baby fever. Babies will come for me eventually but for now I just spend as much time as possible with my nieces and nephew then give them back to their respective parents and enjoy my baby free life 🙂

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