What is going on with me?

Someone said that I fall in love so easy. That is not true. I don’t fall in love easy, I’m just interested in lots of people because I’ve never had lucky with none of them, that’s why I change to another.

Ok, but what’s the problem? The problem is that I’m dating someone. This someone is the cutest guy! He is so lovely with me, but do I like him the way I would like to? No, I don’t like him! I like his only as a friend, and this scares me. I feel like I need to tell him, my friends told me to do it, but I just don’t know how. Today is the 3rd day that I can’t sleep because of these thoughts… I don’t like him, but he thinks I do. I need to tell him, but how? This is prejudicing me: this is my senior year and I really need to concentrate on my Studyingg but I can’t, cause I keep on thinking about it. I should be sleeping right now cause it’s 00:31 am and I have class tomorrow at 7:00. 

Is is worth to broke his heart because I’m not happy with him? I just can’t lift this weigh… This id making me sick, I don’t want lie to him but i also don’t want to make him sad. But I wanna be happy, and I’m not with him. 

3 thoughts on “What is going on with me?”

  1. As hard as it is, it is easier to tell him and let him down gently than lead him on. The worst thing you could do is lead him on or just start ignoring him. I have been on the opposite end of this situation before. I was really head over hills for someone and assumed they liked me too. After a while the messages stopped and I spent so much time sitting there wondering what I did wrong. Years later I was told that he wasn’t feeling the same. But I can tell you now, that if he had just told me back when it was all happening, I would have got some immediate closure and felt so much better. So I suggest finding a sensitive way of telling him, and that way it will be easier for him in the long run – it won’t be easy at first…but I think this will be better in the long run. Hope this helps.

  2. Hachiman Hikigaya said:
    “Guys are simple creatures. Just by talking to them, they get the wrong idea.”

    You have to clarify that you see him as a friend.

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