2 Sides of the Fence

I am envious. I am envious of the daily time you give her, of the amount of effort you put into communicating with her, of your intrest in how her day was. Im tired of wondering why i dont feel like you do the same for me. Im sick of worrying when we will finally fall apart. I want to let go of you already. I want to stop wanting every second of your time. I want to be able to be my own person again with no worry of who you might be that day. I want to be alone. The only trouble with that is i dont want you to leave. I wanna be with you every second of my day. I want you to put effort into communicating with me when im not with you. I want you to care how i am feeling. But you cant make someone care, you just have to find the right person that just does. *sigh* So many little things tell my heart you are not the one for me, my forever soulmate…and i am not the one for you, your forever partner…… but i really wish we had got it right this time. Cause it felt so close.

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