Day 159 – More server adventures

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

Today was average. Was alone at home and took care of the dishes and dog. I spent most of my time on the server and helping out while the staff was off. Lots of people were coming to me for help and I became buds with these two guys : Spear and Tomas. 

They seemed fine and nice, I didn’t mind them at all, until I totally lost respect for them.

A legendary spawned on the server and if you know how legendary Pokemon and a Minecraft server goes, people are gonna want to have it. The owner luckily was there to keep an eye on the people and allowed whoever fought it last to chose who goes next if all of their Pokemon are fainted so that all can try to catch it. Tomas kept nagging the owner to give him another turn when she clearly stated how it works. Then he kept nagging the person fighting it and the owner claimed it as spam which it what it was becoming, then later on when the legendary despawned (rip), he complained about the owner to someone in private message, knowing she can see them, then tried to do it by putting down signs about how she’s a liar. She called him out in chat, muted and jailed him, then Spear came up to me all quiet like, pointed to an unclaimed area so he can put something down, so I knew exactly what he was going to do and told staff, I punched him once he put the sign down advertising a server, which is agaisnt the rules, said to him in private message that he and Tomas were being disrespectful, the other owner destroyed signs, then he was banned for advertising. I locked his application for gym leader on the forums since well, he’s banned.

At least after that the owner let us play a game for the appreciation of good players. We had fun, we raged, we laughed, I didn’t win and got a shiny I already have, but that’s fine, I can trade it or sell it.

That’s all for today.

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