Today started out pretty crappy. I woke up and my legs were sooooooooooooo soo sore. I have never felt any type of pain like this before. I honestly have no idea why they are this sore. I have been walking a lot the past few days playing Pokemon but nothing to crazy. They still haven’t gotten any better.

I had to wake up super early to babysit my nephew so that was fun. I fell asleep a couple times watching The Magic School Bus (my favorite childhood T.V show). But I was lucky and got him to take a nap from two o’clock until his dad picked him up at 4:30.

While he was asleep I walked the dog and checked the mail because I ordered a decal for my laptop on the 29th and it was shipped August 1st, and it is the fourth but it still is not here yet. SO I am hoping it comes tomorrow..

After that I hung out with my boyfriend and went and sold some beats headphones I got for free when I bought my laptop. THEN … I went to my tattoo consultation!!! I know I always get pumped WAYY ahead of time. But it is all becoming so surreal and I am going to probably cry when the tattoo gets finished. It is going to be on my inner upper arm (one of the worst places to get tattooed, let alone my FIRST tattoo, so I bet that’ll be fun but I could care less I’ll have so much adrenaline it won’t matter.)

Then we went to Game Stop to return this video game I bought. It was 8:06 when we walked to the store and they closed at 8:00, just my luck. We probably would have made it on time but I had to stop and pee and then on our way over we had to stop and catch a Vulpix (basically and evil Evvee Pokemon.) But oh well…

I also put some space books on hold at the library that I am so excited to start reading!!

But anyway I titled this “Hiccups” because just as I was getting ready for bed I got the hiccups… They always last forever and I can’t really go to sleep while hiccuping.

Wish me luck they will go away soon!!


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