Life on Life’s Terms

So lately a huge theme in my life has been integrity and not keeping secrets from the people in my life that I trust to keep me on the straight and narrow. In the last 9 months I have rededicated my life to Christ and tried to honor Him in all that I do…except this one area…there’s always that one area that seems to linger. That one thing that I try and hold onto, be it a person or a way of thinking or a certain behavior. What is it about this process that makes it so hard to just give it all up? Do I really think that if I don’t keep at least a tiny piece of insanity my life will be boring and lame? All I know is that the longer I hold onto this piece of my old identity, the less I’m experiencing that constant contact with God. The less I’m experiencing those heart hugs during worship service that made my spirit soar. The less I’m able to be there for others because I’m busy spinning my own circles. Doesn’t sound worth it does it? Hm…

4 thoughts on “Life on Life’s Terms”

  1. The devil will lie to you. He tells you that giving things up for Christ will only end in death (any kind of death you can imagine). Usually his lies are in direct proportion to the truth. The truth is once you give everything up to Him, He usually gives you back your quips or quirks or whatever you call them, but He gives them to you clean, so you can actually enjoy them.

  2. You can share your secrets with God. He will help you. Do you always need to trust others with all your secrets? I guess I am just afraid to open up fully to people I know. I have never truly even confided in my own family some of the things in my life that are hurtful to me. I guess I find a diary site such as this one a safe place to share those secrets with people who don’t know who I am but will give me advice on what I talk about.

  3. I don’t trust everyone with my secrets but I have a select few women in my life that I can turn to with my problems. This journal definitely gives me the luxury of fully expressing my thoughts.

  4. I’d say just be yourself. We all are in a constant process. We are part of our past and part of this same present, otherwise we wouldn’t really exist. Its like everything you do you should just enjoy,be yourself and dont let the whole bunch of problems in life make you a stone…. if you are not enjoying what you do then do not do it. Life, along with its problems can be as colorful as we make it look, God is in everything we do with love…God is in sharing, God is the streets , its everwyhere and in you, of course ^^

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