What’s passion really? People talk about “finding a passion” but how can one even be sure that something is a passion rather than some short-lived obsession?

Does finding what you love always have to involve losing it first? How can one find the love (and know that it’s love) without going through the loss? It’s easy enough to appreciate something when you have it I think, but no matter how much you appreciate it, it still won’t be enough when you realise it’s gone.

How does one know when mere interest and enjoyment changes to love? How to pursue the “love” when you think it’s love? How to get such courage? What if it isn’t love and the decision was dreadfully wrong and you regret it so much? I feel like I’m overly cautious a lot of the time. They say, “Begin with the end in mind.” and I take that too literally I guess… I’m too scared to do anything, commit to anything, because I start off thinking about the loss I’d feel if, or rather when, it’s gone. But girl, you only live once! You can’t be such a scaredy-cat!

It’s better to regret doing something than regret not doing it, right? Just think of what the things you regret not doing! Then think of the things you regret doing. What even comes to mind? Don’t be so afraid, nobody will remember your failures and mistakes and embarrassments (okay this depends) when you become a kick-ass success. But in order to get there, you first have to try. I just watched this Kdrama (oh my what was it calleddd 😫😅😣) and they said, whatever choice you make, you’ll have regrets. You just have to follow your heart and choose what you will have fewer regrets. Thennn… the question is, how does one know which path will have fewer regrets??

If only I could travel in time endlessly. But then I’d probably try out options A to Z before making a super informed decision. So then I’d take a million lifetimes to just live my life. That’s pretty silly. The thing about life is that you only live once. That’s what makes life all the more beautiful. Learn to embrace the spontaneity instead of saying you’re not adaptable. It’s just like that chiche quote about not waiting for the rain to pass but dancing in the rain.



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