Need more sleep

Woke up around 8:30 AM, got ready for the work and got to the office before 10 AM. Spent all day mocking up what’s in the box. I think I got something presentable but want to take my time to look at it to see if I can improve things or coming up with better idea. I got off around 3:30 PM and spent time at home to do that. Also, getting all tools together to actually build it. fun stuffs.

I felt tired all day. I can definitely tell that I’m short on sleep. That’s actually the main reason I got off early today that I found myself can’t really stay focus. I really needed some break and charge up myself to be productive. It becomes critical issue when you dealing with creativity. It’s great that I can actually do that at my work so I can work when I’m the most creative.

Took a short nap and got back to work for little bit before I go out for a dinner at 9 PM. Went to this new Korean place called Soban on Olympics then stopped by at the grocery market for snacks. 10:14 PM now and I feel already so sleepy. Going sleep pretty soon! Goodnight all!

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