Entry #1 – Teenage Drama at its Finest

Welcome to my journa-no, what the hell is this, a resume?

Hey, it’s Flashwolf here-no, no, I sound like a god damned YouTuber.


*sigh* Anyway, I decided to write a journal because I feel like with everything that’s going on with my high school life, I’ll need it. So I wanted to start off by saying that I started high school yesterday. Today was my second day of school, and already I hate the hell out of it.

I’ve always hated school. Ever since I started sixth grade, I’ve hated school. I hate being woken up every day (Do you know how ANNOYING it is when you’re being shaken or told to wake up when you’re sleeping? I don’t know about any of you, but it pisses me off) and getting dressed on an empty stomach and going to school and sitting in a classroom trying not to puke my guts up in front of a bunch of strangers that are judging me even before I chuck my insides.


Oh didn’t I say? I’ve got some kind of condition.


Ever since the end of seventh grade, I’ve had this…problem. I get super duper nauseous and its uncontrollable. It usually occurs when I’m feeling nervous or anxious, so I’m sure you can guess where it happens the most: School. Just sitting in the classroom by itself is enough to set me off. So I resorted to not eating breakfast so I wouldn’t have anything to throw up. It, along with some nausea pills from the doctor (Which I’ll get into later) works for the most part, as I don’t usually throw up these days.


However, I still get nauseous ALL THE DAMN TIME. It never usually happens at home unless I eat a bunch of food, then it gets really bad. But otherwise, I’m fine at home. As soon as I go to a public place, BOOM. Sick as a dog. It SUCKS SO BAD. I can never eat at a public restaurant again, and now I’m constantly living in fear of myself when I go out into the world. I want you to take a guess on who in my life gives a fuck. Go on, I’ll give you three chances. My mom? Nope. My dad? Nada. My siblings? Well, to an extent, but they can’t really do anything about it, now can they?


And so here I am, confined to my room because it’s “bedtime” and I have to go to sleep to wake up in time for school. Like, are you kidding me? You honestly expect me to go and sleep so this day can end and tomorrow can come faster, thus thrusting me into my own personal hell once again? No thanks. That’s why I usually stay up everyday. A good relatable example is this: Would you go to sleep early so you can wake up the next day in time to be shot in each of your body parts one by one? Didn’t think so. But “You don’t want to be late” after all, and the adults always know what’s best, so stop being a rebellious teen and do it.


That’s my life. And I’m ready to spill the beans on (almost) everything about it.

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