The Dragon’s nasty ways…

Its 5:30am, I’m gonna scream!! The Dragon is banging on my bedroom door she has woken the twins up”Will you get up and come through, now please??! I need to speak to you”

Ssshhhing the twins back to sleep as I walk to my bedroom door. I wish she would stop shouting and banging at this time it’s too early and I’m tired, but then she is helping me doing me a favour letting me and my kids live here until I find my own place, so I just agree and Smile.

She wants me to hang up her fucking Washing in the rain???? What the fuck?? Why?? So she can shower before work – leaves at 8am!! I’m absolutely furious especially when it’s only 3 things, swear she is trying to push me out the door!! She seems to forget why I’m here the damage from the physical torture and mental abuse isn’t easy to get your head round and get on with it! So until such time I’m stuck, I smile and nod while secretly cursing inside my head!

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