What could it be?

Today was a pretty decent day. I spent most of my time outside working on the yard with jacob’s mother. She’s such a sweet lady, who is the least selfish person i have ever met. But as i was working on the yard, the idea of moving out of jacob’s parents house came into my head for the 10th time in the past two weeks. Mine and Jacob’s friends moved out of their parent’s house a few weeks after they graduated. But every time i bring the subject up to jake, he freaks out and we both get into a huge argument. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t know  how to do anything on his own. Like pay bills, laundry, ect… I mean i cant blame him, his mother babies him to this day. We both have jobs so its not like we couldn’t afford getting a small, one bedroom apartment. It would be a challenge but not too hard. I just wish i could figure out why he is not ready to move out. Is it me? Is he not happy being with me everyday? I already live with him at his parents house, which was his idea! So what’s the big deal about getting our own apartment? I just think he’s rethinking our whole relationship. I tried going back to my mother’s house for a few weeks but he always wants me back over to his house a few days later. So i just do not quite understand what’s going through his head. Any thoughts? 

P.S.  Thank you to however commented on my last journal. I was not actually going to. I know i would regret it. It’s just babies are the cutest things ever! Eventually my day will come. . .

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