Day 160 – Dead By Daylight and hospital

Thursday, August 4th 2016

Today started pretty average. Woke up, played on the server, got my ranked fixed (although it probably was yesterday, don’t remember), people started congratulating me, but then I told them I was already junior moderator, I looked over the people, got insulted by a new guy that I’m pretty sure is gonna get banned, so won’t waste my materials on them, then got the game Dead By Daylight since it seems fun. Basically, you’re one of 4 survivors that are trying to activate generators to open a door and escape while a killer is after you. I only played one game and I was dead instantly. We couldn’t join another since it seems no one was playing the game while we were. Or, no one wanted to be the killer. I won’t be able to refund the game if I don’t like it. If you surpass 1 hour I believe, you can’t refund, but I spent 40 mins in the waiting area and one minute playing and 10 spectating, so by the time we play another game and see if I really like it, I won’t be able to refund. Oh well, if I’m not a fan of it, my brother can play it with his friend.

My dad and mom went to the hospital before we started playing DBD, for my dad. He’s been sick lately. They’re still in the waiting room or being checked, I think.

I was also invited to a Doctor Who game night, so can’t wait for that.

Saturday I’m going to the Deifenbunker with Kohai, so gotta get her gift ready.

That’s all for today.

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