Dear Alcohol

Dear Alcohol-

Dear Alcohol, you my friend have ruined so much for me. You make people do stupid things that they wouldn’t do without you. You are a sin that we consume and you love it. You tear families apart and you ruin my mindset of things. You ruined me. I don’t fully blame you, it is our choice to consume you and we know the potential consequences. We understand what may happen if we consume you. I’m truly impressed with you none the less don’t get me wrong. The small components that you establish are simple but when mixed together it creates a powerful drug that can ruin your mindset on life and your physical body. It’s like a magic trick. We watch and take in what you have to offer and you hypnotize us into a trance that cannot be described.

You have taken some amazing people. Let me rephrase that, you have helped to take the lives of some amazing people. These people have loved ones that care so deeply about them but you don’t care. Do you? I don’t think you do but of course that s my own opinion and to each his own.

There really isn’t much else to say. Of course I can talk about you and write a few thousand words on you but no. I believe more is said when nothing is spoken. I just want to wrap this up by thanking you.  Thank you for giving me a new mindset about life and making me realize that I don’t always have to do what the cool kids are doing at parties. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to understand the dangers of simple things. Thank you

Sincerely, Lee Paysour

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