Fake or Real Friends?

I have always been one to really make sure that the friends I am making are going to be true and loyal friends to me because I don’t want to end up with someone that makes me upset or always making me rethink every decision I have made or are making.

Recently a friend of mine and I have been fighting like crazy because everything I do is not right or I am being a bad person/friend or I am just “too busy” and will never make time for her.

Note: I just started a new job as a bank teller and am doing training constantly and Im working from 9-5 everyday and have to get up at 630 in the morning to make sure that I leave on time for work and get there for my scheduled shift.

Story time!

The day before her birthday, my boyfriend got into a horrible car crash and i was so worried about him. Her and I were to go to seattle the next day for her actual birthday, but I wanted to make sure that he was okay before I did anything. So I went to the hospital to check on him and told her I would be later than expected to her house. Later in the evening she told me that we could go to seattle a different weekend that she thought I should be with him. So thats what I did.

For her birthday tho, I went to her house at 4 am and decorated her car with birthday wishes, streamers, and balloons. I also left a big gift bag on her front porch with a bunch of stuff that she had told me she wanted. So I didnt forget her birthday.

After all of this I have been working my ass off to get through the pre-training that my boss told me to get done and have been trying to keep up with my sleep schedule.


I guess the whole point of this is that you should always know and take precaution to the people that you meet and have encounters with. I didn’t see it, but she wasn’t a true friend and time after time, blamed every little problem on me and also picked constant fights with me because something was wrong.

So take from someone with experience. Do not stay friends with someone who is more concerned about themselves rather than those around them.

One thought on “Fake or Real Friends?”

  1. How correct you are by saying don’t stay friends with someone who is more concerned about themselves. If she was your friend she would realize that you are busy and you will see her when you have time. She can’t expect you to be with her each week. I have a friend who was doing that to me, calling and wanting to go to dinner almost weekly. I now only go out with her at Christmas. I can’t afford to eat out all the time and keep her company.
    It’s hard either letting friends go or having to keep putting them off so they aren’t pestering all the time. You did right by spending that time with your boyfriend when he was hurt.

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