We as creatures are funny.  You are funny.  I am funny.  I expect places in us find us funny too.  Some of us are angels.  Some are demons.  There are angels among us.  There are demons.  They’re more powerful than we are.  They’re older than us.  They are smarter, quicker, stronger, and all of them are so beautiful that we can’t even see them.  It’s like, “What they hell…  you’re invisible?”  They’re like, “yup.  duh.”  We never see them.  My girlfriend doesn’t believe in either one.  It’s kind of a good thing.                                                                  Does it make her more innocent?  Or does it make her a zombie?  It’s not really binary.  Makes her something.  She kind of looks like a dinosaur.  I doubt dinosaurs believed in either one.  Where the hell did the dinosaurs come from?  They got a bad deal.  Their spirits are around here somewhere.                                                                                                         They’re freaking invisible, bro…  How trippy is that?  It was super windy out today.  Maybe some angels and demons were having a battle…their invisible wings flapping?  IDK… maybe.    

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