Who makes you feel heard? What do they do for you?

Who makes you feel heard? What do they do for you?

This question is an interesting one…I have a few people in my life who make me feel heard in different areas but if I had to pick one overall it would be my best friend M. I wrote a letter to her in my previous post. She has always listened to me even when I am saying the same thing over and over.

She knows my deepest secrets and has never once judged. She has also heard my most fucked up thoughts and makes me feel less shitty about them. She is always there to lend an ear, offer advice but let’s me makes my own mistakes.

She is a person who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin which is rare to find. She never makes me feel less than or like I am stupid, She has been there to pick me up every time I have fallen and if she can’t help she would lay there with me until I am able to pick myself up. It’s not often in life you find a person who not only accepts your weirdness but celebrates it with you.

I know that nothing I say to her will be repeated, nor will I be looked down at. She makes me feel safe, my world was falling apart for a long time and honestly the only time I felt somewhat safe was when I was in her home, which she so openly welcomed me into.

If you ever have someone in your life who lets you be unapologetically you, don’t ever let them go. Whether they are just a friend or a lover, those people are rare and I am so lucky to have found someone like that in my life.


*Make peace with your broken pieces*

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