‘Dads Weekend’

Every 2 weeks this comes along. I’m at an age now where I don’t need to visit, but I don’t want to stop visiting. All my life my dad has always been the one I wanted to be around, he was the only one I’d let take me to the hairdressers, or brush and style my hair when I was little… But that ‘bond’ we had fell apart 6 years ago. This weekend his fiancée wasn’t around and I was looking forward to doing something that doesn’t involve her, university is literally a hair away, and that’s it, gone for 5 years, and then I have my ticket to continue going for life.

Out of my friends, I have the best background, and it’s days like today which makes me want to just tell them to live a day in my life. Having split patents broke me, and knowing that I see my dad more than people with split parents hurts more. Because they don’t understand how distant we became, and every other weekend in which I see him, we only become further apart.

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