I was hoping that my fix it men would prove to be good at their job. I was hoping that my bathroom remodel would go smoothly.  It seemed like everything was going well until yesterday.

Yesterday after the fix it men left the house I ran into the bathroom to see how they were doing. The younger of the two men had been put texture on the beams and on some of the walls.  It looked like a glob of texture all over the place.  I kept telling myself that he was probably putting on a coat then they would sand it down and then re-texture in the morning.

Today the older man said he was going to start texturing the walls.  I thought then that I had nothing to worry about, he would smooth out the rough areas the younger man had done and it would look uniform.  Boy was I wrong.  The older man just did another glob job and there are ridges of texture in some areas and none in others.  

I sent pictures of the work to my son and my brother.  My son was so upset he came over to look at their work.  He was in shock.  He said they not only did everything wrong they should never have painted today after putting on the texture. They did not allow the texture to properly dry and now the paint is pealing off some areas of the walls.

I had told my son it looks like his 5 year old and 4 years old children plastered my walls. He agreed. He pointed out all the things those men did wrong.  They left paint buckets in my closet filled with paint.  They only covered the buckets with plastic. Their rollers are half in/half out of the paint. So tomorrow when they try to paint again doing the touch up areas they may end up with globs of half dried paint on the walls.

They also have 3 tiles that need to be replaced. My son showed me that they are not done correctly and if left like that they will eventually crack.  He wants me to tell them to replace those 3 tiles.  

He looked at the ceiling fan in the shower area.  He said they did not put any spray foam around the light and they need to do so in order to seal that hole around the area or else the steam from the shower could get in there and cause a bad mold problem.  Since I am allergic to 4 kinds of mold I surely don’t need that kind of problem.

My son said they need to texture again. I told him if they didn’t know what they were doing the first time around then I don’t want them trying again.  At this point all I want them to do if finish up the job tomorrow and I will have to worry about the walls later.

My son said he will bring a sander over and I can sand down all the glob areas. I would have to sand down the entire shower area, the area by the vanity and some of the closet. My son said if I did that then he would come over and see if he can repair the problem.

When those men took out the pocket door that connected from the vanity area to the shower area they showed me that there were wooden beams that could not be removed.  My son checked that area. He said they should have put a strip of sheet rock to cover that wood, then plaster. Instead they just laid a heavy coat of plaster on that bare wood.

My bathroom walls looked better they way they used to look before they came over and messed with them.  Obviously these men don’t know how to apply texture to walls.  My son told me he doesn’t think they really know much about fixing things. He said if that older man has been working in this business for years he surely does not know what he is doing. He thinks that the older man just started doing handy work to make a quick buck on the side.

I feel awful. I have a horrible headache that started last night and has been increasing in intensity throughout the day.  I will not confront these men.  I just want them to put my toilet in place, my vanity, the mirror and lights and I want them to go home.  I don’t want them doing any more damage to my already messy walls. 

I had high hopes that I had found someone to help me fix things that get broken around the house.  My son told me he wouldn’t trust them to do anything else in the future.  He said if they do wiring and do it wrong I could have a house fire.  I know he is right. I understand he isn’t trying to be mean he is just worried that someone might not do things the proper way and end up causing more problems. After seeing the mess they made of my walls and tile he said he wouldn’t trust them to complete any other job correctly. 

I don’t have the money to hire another man to come out and repair the walls.  I can only try fixing it with my son and see what happens.  It can’t look worse than what I am already looking at.

My brother is coming over early in the morning to see the work they did. I told him not to be here when the men come.  I don’t want my brother or son to say anything to these men.  As I said before I just want them to finish up and leave so I don’t have to deal with them again.  I told my son if he tired coming over and complaining I wouldn’t baby sit for him ever again. Hopefully he knows I mean it. I’m the one that hired these men and I am the one would needs to deal with them alone. 

I tried to save money by hiring these men. They were asking 1/2 the price of the other contractor that I hired to do my other bathroom.  I guess it doesn’t pay to ever get cheaper help.

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  1. Oh, my. I am so sorry for all your troubles with the fix-it men. And your headache is from stress combined with paint fumes, probably. How disappointed you must be! But you are keeping your heart pure, not wanting to engage in strife with them via your son and whoever. Blessed are the pure in heart. Somehow it will work out. I truly hope so.

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